Sydney Schoonderwoerd

Hello Eveyone! My name is Sydney, my hometown is Sturgeon Country, Alberta, and I am in my final year of English with a minor in Craetive Writing. I am very passionate about creating and consuming art, whether its theatre, writing, or painting, I enjoy it all! My dream job is a freelance writer. A fun fact about me is that I was voted 'Best Sloth Painter' by my acting society and have plans to volunteer at a sloth sanctuary after I graduate (I'm a fan of sloths). I am always up for a spontaneous adventure and love spending time going for coffee and finding new shops. I'll be returning from a study abroad term in England soon, so I'm happy to answer any questions folks might have about studying abroad.

Why did you join IHC?

"To contribute to a positive, supportive and fun residence environment."

What is your favourite part of your hall? 

"I love old architecture so I feel very lucky to be in Johnston Hall!"

What is your favorite thing about residence? 

"Meeting people whenever I make mac 'n cheese in the mini-lounge."