Johnston Hall


Johnston Hall

 Johnston Hall, known for its green ivy and iconic clock tower,  is located in the center of campus. Commonly known as "the castle," Johnston is home to approximately 350 students throughout the academic year. When participating in special events, we Johnstonites can be seen wearing green, black, and gold. Our mascot is John Stone the Dragon, but each year gets to pick a "nickname" for the mascot .

Previous nicknames include:

2012-2013: Pickles

2013-2014: Donkey

2014-2015: Dr. Agon

2015-2016: Puff

2016-2017: Apen-Deeks

2017-2018: Pickles

2018-2019: GAGA

2022-2023: John Stone



Johnston Hall Constitution 2023-2024

Johnston Hall Council Minutes