Hibah Afroz Uddin

Hey everyone! I am Hibah Afroz Uddin, my pronouns are she/her and I will be the IHC President for East Village, for the academic year 2023-2024. I am an International 2nd year sophomore student majoring in Computer Science and a keen interest in CyberSecurity or an AI-related career paths for the future. My passion for technology and its applications always drives me forward. When it comes to my interests, I find joy in a diverse range of activities, from deep diving into coding and learning about computer hardware, enjoying a variety of shows on my laptop , vibing to the beats of pop music, and sweating it out at the gym, to embarking on journeys of unexplored places, getting out in the rain, dedicating time to lend a hand through volunteering, and making connections with new faces,  – it's safe to say, I'm all in :) Im super excited to be working for and alongside you all, feel free to drop in and say hi at anytime!