Ryan Ahlers

Year and Program:  2nd year Theatre Studies, Minor in Media Studies

Past IHC Experience:  Artz Haüs Social Coordinator 2018-2019

Questions I can answer:  Students can come to me for a genuine conversation and unconditional support. Need snacks? I got them? Need advice? Im here for that. Just need someone to listen? That's my favourite thing to do. I also run some pretty fun events, so if you want to get involved, talk to me.

I am looking forward to... making more life long friendships in Artz Haüs and making this year another amazing year for the history books. My goal is run as many events as possible while collaborating with every other hall. 

Fun Facts about me: 

- My middle name is Johannes (yoh-hah-ness)
- I write and record music, check out my albums!!
- I am a huge theatre junkie and will talk your ears off about it