PRC stands for Philanthropy and Recognition Committee. PRC focuses on bringing recognition to residence staff and students. All the work that students and staff do should be recognized and rewarded.
Every month this committee sits and looks over Of the Month forms filled out by members throughout residence. Monthly winners are chosen and recognized in the newsletter and residence posters. 
In addition to recognition, PRC also works on philanthropy events where residence students help and positively contribute to the society. There are semester long philanthropy events such as, pop tab collections. Aswell, there are some minor, one-day philanthropy events such as, garbage cleans up in Guelph and volunteering for food drives. The PRC committee members decide on these events and help execute them. 
Overall PRC is a committee that specifically contributes to helping others and the society. 
What do committee members do? 
  • Monthly meetings voting for OTMs and planning events
  • Reading over OTMS with an open and non-bias mind
  • Contributing or helping execute philanthropy events