Who are we?

The Gryphon Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, NRHH, is an organization run through Interhall Council that is committed to providing recognition to members of the University of Guelph community who have positively impacted residence experience. NRHH is made up of our executive and a committee. The executive team consists of our NRHH President, Amanda Johnson; see About Us - Ex-Officio for more details. Our NRHH committe is made up of two representatives for each hall; one being an Interhall Council member and the other being a first year student. These committee members bote each month on the submitted Of the Month Awards or OTMs for different categories. Everyone nominated gets to see the impact they've had on people!

Submit an Of the Month or OTM for someone that's positively impacted your residence life! Go to NRHH - Recognition Form to submit your OTM.

OTM Writing Guide 1

OTM Writing Guide 2

OTM Writing Guide 3

OTM Writing Guide 4

OTM Writing Guide 5


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