Tips and Key Information:

  • Plan ahead: Read the descriptions and pick a session you would like to attend prior to the conference start. 
  • Wish to attend two sessions in the same time slot? Don't worry all sessions will be recorded and available for viewing a day after the conference ends. 
  • Attending Behaviour: Keep yourself muted but feel free to keep your camera on. Be engaged and actively participating during the session. there may be breakout rooms or team-building exercise to take part in. Leave questions for the end or use the chat if necessary. 
  • Networking: at the end of the session ask questions and network with the other attendees and session speaker. Maybe even grab a contact. 
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Session Set 1 - (10:30 - 11:15 AM)

The Importance of Resilience in a Team Environment by Nicole LeBlanc, iGEM manager and Guelph alumni 

In wake of a pandemic, everyone had to adjust to a world of online and limited interactions. We all had to bounce back and conform to this "new normal. But how do we stay resilient? Find out in this session what resiliency is and how to bring back through the “6 pillars of resilience”. Hear the experience and journey to becoming the director of the iGEM team and how to handle and thrive through the transition to online life at the beginning of the pandemic. Come and interact with others to learn how others handled this year's biggest change! 

Recording of this session 

Design Change on Campus by Samantha Casey, Sustainability Office, Digital Communication and Engagement Coordinator 

This presentation will cover an introduction to campus sustainability and the work of the Sustainability Office. It will go into the resources and supports our office provides students. This presentation will focus on our Sustainability Ambassador program and our new first-year Sustainable Residence Committee as opportunities for students to design change at the University of Guelph. We will have a 15-20-minute design jam for students to brainstorm ideas for what they would like to see on campus or in the community. 

Recording of this session

Session Set 2 - (11:30 - 12:15 PM)

Diversity and Inclusion: LGBTQ+ by Nicole Delmage, IHC alumni and Guelph University Alumni

Come and learn about inclusivity on Guelph Campus and how we can help change it! the session will focus on a variety of topics such as inclusive language, how to be an ally and the importance of stigma and misunderstandings. Engage with students on how to deal with difficult scenarios of inclusivity on campus.

Recording of this session

Casual Racism by Sara Kuwatly, CSA Vice-President Experience 

Sara Kuwalty is the current CSA vice president external, who will be presenting a session on how to be inclusive in regards to refugees. Come and engage in a session about polite racism, how to be more aware, and the student refugee program at Guelph! 

Recording of this session

Session Set 3 - (1:30 - 2:15 PM)

Growth from Failure: Shifting your Mindset by Nicole Walker, Ex. IHC President and HSAC Ombud

Think about a time you failed at something (competition, school assignment, a job) and ask yourself “What did I learn from this experience?” In this interactive presentation, we will learn together that the key to success is the mindset we have when faced with failure. From this session, you will reflect on previous failures you have experienced, and learn strategies to develop a growth mindset to be a more resilient individual.

Recording of this session

Diversity and Self-Expression by Ahmad Hassan, MSA Vice-President External

Bring a cup of your favourite hot beverage and join us as we dive into a thought-provoking group discussion on a variety of topics centred around the theme of “Diversity and Self-Expression”. We will touch on topics such as mindfulness, personal identity, faith, the challenges we face during uncertain global times, and how they all relate to each other. As a group, we will learn about the incredible diversity on our campus and how to be proud of it.

Recording of this session:

Staying Involved While Learning From Home by Rohail Raza and Samantha Hartwig, OCUS

This session will offer insight on how to remain involved within the Guelph community even while learning from home, to foster active relationships and good mental well-being.

Recording of this session


Pre-Recorded Sessions

Some of our session speakers were unable to attend this conference but wanted to share resources that will be useful. I highly recommend checking them out.

BIPOC Resources by Aman Singh, Student Wellness Counsellor/Therapist  Links for the resources mentioned in the video below:

1. Chat with a BIPOC Counsellor :

Info on BIPOC Counselling:  

Booking link:  

2. Keep Me Safe Program (for international students residing inside or outside of the province)  

3. Cultural Diversity Team at Student Experience