What to do next? 

  1. View missed sessions or Keynote
    • Maximize your knowledge of this conference by viewing the recordings for the sessions you have missed! To do so please head over to the Sessions tab and click on the "Recording of the session" under the description for the respective session. 
  2. Philanthropy!
    • If you haven't already gotten the chance to do philanthropy, the link will be live for the next week (till November 23rd). Or email NRHH ( to get involved!
  3. Create an action plan  
    • to see how to apply the information you learned back into your life/role/academics here is a little document that can help you integrate any learning from this conference! 
  4. Fill out this conference feedback post 
    1. I would love to get your feedback on what you loved/hated. It will also help me plan better for the Winter Leadership Conference! If you wish to get involved in the Winter Leadership Conference please let me know at (, I would love to hear some early thoughts.