Fall Leadership Conference 2020  

Challenges of Tomorrow 

Welcome to the official site of the Fall Leadership Conference Hosted by Interhall Council! This conference is covering a spectrum of topics related to diversity, resiliency and inclusion and how we can relate this in a leadership setting. Themes that will be covered throughout the conference include different leadership Styles and how to work in a team setting, inclusive leadership, diversity and awareness, inclusivity (cultural, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, etc.) and assumptions.

 Copy of Leadership conference_ Challenges of Tomorrow

The best way to attend a conference is to have a goal of what you wish to achieve. Below is a list of goals this conference is set to address:

  1. For students to gain and learn new skills as a leader and everyday life
  2. Discover a concept or activity that could benefit your team
  3. Bringing back relevant information to your hall/campus (via telling people what you learned, running events/sessions based on your learnings and additional research or partnering with an on-campus resource or organization within a residence, etc.).
  4. To provide students with leadership opportunities to get involved on campus


Preparing for the Conference  Before the conference, take a look at the schedule and familiarize yourself with the events taking place and time slots for each session sets. Take a look at the sessions taking place and their descriptions, so you know which ones to attend on the day off. 
Attending Sessions In the sessions subpage, you should be able to see the mini descriptions and a zoom link. Feel free to use any account to access this meeting. 
Inquiries or troubleshooting If you have trouble at any point during the conference or before, please email me at (ihcext@uoguelph.ca).