The Executive Board  

The executive board is the governing body of Interhall Council and is in charge of overseeing the hall executives. Each member of the executive board has a unique portfolio that they complete to ensure the organization runs smoothly. They act as a resource for all members of the organization. 


Interhall Council President

Nicole Walker

Year and Program:  4th year Human Kinetics

Past IHC Experience:  Johnston Hall Social Coordinator 2016-2017, Johnston Hall President 2017-2018, Interhall Council Vice President External 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: North (Lennox- Addington, Lambton Hall, and Watson Hall)

Sectional: Presidents

Questions I can answer:  Feel free to come to Me in regards to support, RLS logistics, clarification for non-IHC events, member training and anything regarding advocacy at an external level

I am looking forward to: summer training, Orientation Week, seeing the growth and development of our members as leaders, and striving to improve IHC as an organization.

Fun Facts about me:  

  1. In March, donated 9 inches of my hair at Guelph's Relay for Life event-my second time donating my hair in the last two years!
  2. I am a competitive Beach Volleyball Player, but also enjoy playing Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and soccer.
  3. I have 3 younger sisters, and a twin brother who is 4 minutes older than me.

Vice-President Internal

Katy Oada

Year and Program:  3rd year Human Kinetics

Past IHC Experience:  Lambton Public Relations Officer Fall 2017, Lambton Hall President Winter 2018, Johnston Hall President 2018-2019

Sectional: Public Relation Officers

Questions I can answer: You can ask me about by laws, constitutions, elections and evaluations!

I am looking forward to: seeing everyone learn and grow in the positions. It is really heartwarming to see young nervous students floourish into confident leaders. I am excited to see how we make IHC our own this year.

Fun Facts about me: My legal name and birthday are different than my actual name and birthday.

Vice-President Finance

Sam Weeks

Year and Program: 2nd year Biomedical Toxicology 

Past IHC Experience: Johnston Hall Social Coordinator 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: South (Maritime Hall, Prairie Hall, and Mountain Hall)

Sectional: Vice Presidents

Questions I can answer:  Anything related to budgets, honorariums, and reimbursements

I am looking forward to: Seeing a new group of student leaders grow into their roles and achieve great things. I am also super excited to see all the cool merch ideas the hall vice presidents come up with during the year.

Fun Fact about me: I am about 5% metal in my right arm

Vice-President Activities

Nicole Delmage

Year and Program:  3rd year Biological Sciences and Ecology

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Public Relations Officer Winter 2018, Maritime President 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: East (East Residence and East Village) and JAM (Johnston Hall, Artz Hous, and Mills Hall)

Sectional: Social Coordinators

Questions I can answer:  Anything about events and student risk management

I am looking forward to: Establishing a community in IHC!

Fun Facts about me: I play 7 instruments, I love camping and hiking and canoeing and kayaking and all thing nature related