The Executive Board  

The executive board is the governing body of Interhall Council and is in charge of overseeing the hall executives. Each member of the executive board has a unique portfolio that they complete to ensure the organization runs smoothly. They act as a resource for all members of the organization. 


Interhall Council President

Jacob Kadar

Year and Program: 

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Hall President 2019-2020, Vice-President Finance 2021-2021

Sectional: Presidents

Questions I can answer:  You can come to me for anything regarding events, residence questions, on-campus opportunities, and much more.

I am looking forward to: 

Fun Facts about me: My hobbies include volleyball, rock climbing, and camping. Basically, any outdoor activity is a hobby of mine!

Vice-President Internal

Sam Mallen

Year and Program: 4th-year Bio-Medical Science with a Psychology minor

Past IHC Experience: NRHH Historian 2018-2019, Artz Haus President 2019-2020, Vice-President Internal 2020-2021

Questions I can answer: Anything relating to the hiring/elections process, IHC Constitution/Bylaws, committees, and evaluations. 

I am looking forward to:  I am looking forward to helping make a residence feel like home for all the incoming first-years!

Fun Facts about me:  A fun fact about me is that I drove around for almost an hour to different gas stations because I couldn’t find one with blue slushies (and what is the point of having a slushy if it isn’t blue). 

Vice-President Finance

Anum Anjum

Year and Program: 4th-year Bio-medical Science

Past IHC Experience: Watson Hall President 2019-2020, Vice-President Communications 2020-2021, Vice-President Finance 2021-present

Hall Buddy for: Lennox-Addington Hall, Lambton Hall, Watson Hall

Sectional: Vice-Presidents

Questions I can answer: You can talk to me about Interhall Council's finances which include honorariums, reimbursements, and hall merchandise. 

I am looking forward to: Working alongside other student leaders and improving IHC as an organization, one step at a time.

Fun Fact about me: I love blue raspberry slushies!!

Vice-President Activities

Emilie De Lima

Year and Program:  3rd-year Biological Science 

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Hall Social Coordinator 2019-2020, Vice-President Activities 2020-2021  

Hall Buddy For: Maritime Hall, Mountain Hall, and Prairie Hall

Sectional: Social Coordinators

I am looking forward to: Creating a fun & safe space for students in residence through my events this year.

Questions I can answer: Anything related to event planning & the Student Risk Management (SRM) process. 


Vice-President Communications

Shawna Perritt

Year and Program: 3rd-year Microbiology with a Neuroscience minor. 

Past IHC Experience: Lennox-Addington Hall President 2020-2021

Hall Buddy for: Johnston Hall, Artz Haus, and Mills Hall 

Sectional: Public Relations Officer

Questions I can answer: Anything about advertising in residence, managing the IHC website, and social media.

I am looking forward to: Being a helpful resource for first-years and inspiring an inclusive, kind community. 

Fun Facts about me: I have never been able to learn how to whistle. 

Vice-President External

Kiara Olotu

Year and Program: 3rd-year Human Kinetics with a minor in Criminal Justice and Public Policy 

Past IHC Experience: Prairie Hall President 2019-2020, IHC Chair 2020-2021

Hall Buddy for: East Village, East Residence, West Residence.

Questions I can answer: Anything on leadership opportunities or on-campus resources offered to residence students and conferences that IHC is participating in or running!

I am looking forward to: Having a chance to meet our new residence students and make the transition to university the best possible!  

Fun Facts about me: I am a huge foodie and love to hear all about food recommendations and finding hidden gems of restaurants