NRHH President

Amanda Johnson

Year and Program:  3rd year Biomedical Science

Past IHC Experience:  Johnston Hall Council Student 2017-2018, NRHH Vice President 2018-2019

Questions I can answer: Anything related to recognition or NRHH.

I am looking forward to: Positively impacting the lives of those in residence, IHC and NRHH through appreciation!

Fun Facts about me:  When I'm not doing school or IHC things I run the rockwall in the Athletic Center, so I really like climbing, and I once got pulled over by the police while in a canoe!


Vicky Bali

Year and Program: 4th year Biomedical Toxicology

Past IHC Experience: Mountain Hall Vice-President 2016-2017, Prairie Hall President 2017-2018, Vice-President Internal 2018-2019

Questions I can answer: Anything about Robert’s Rule’s or any Board related matters.

I am looking forward to: Seeing a new year of IHC members who will soon become a family!

Fun Facts about me: I am double jointed


Sophie Kourkopoulos

Year and Program: 2nd year Agriculture

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Council Student 2018-2019

Questions I can answer: Anything about what goes on during meetings, how to get yourself involved, and what I do. I can answer questions about plants as well!

I am looking forward to: Meeting everyone and forming a new community as well as getting involved with the university.

Fun Facts about me: I got 26 daffodil bulbs from work once. Also a bush.