PRC President

Isha Trivedi

Year and Program: 3rd-year Biomedical Science

Past IHC Experience:  Vice-President External 2020-2021, Watson Hall Social Media Coordinator and Promotions Officer 2019-2020

Questions I can answer:  Anything about philanthropy, recognition, or appreciation within the residences.

I am looking forward to: Positively impacting the lives of those in residence, IHC, and the Guelph Community through philanthropic events and recognition!

Fun Facts about me:  Although I used to be a swim instructor, I have a massive fear of water and oceans. 


Katie McManus

Year and Program: 3rd-year Sociology.

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Hall Public Relations Officer F19, Vice-President Communications W20, Lennox-Addington Public Relations Officer F20

Questions I can answer: Anything related to running and participating in council meetings, as well as residence opportunities and anything else you may be wondering about!

I am looking forward to: Getting the chance to connect with students and help develop this organization to become the best it can be!

Fun Facts about me: I am the oldest of 6 children and I am from British Columbia!  


Sophie Kourkopoulos

Year and Program: 4th-year Agriculture

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Council Student 2018-2019, IHC Scribe 2019-2021

Questions I can answer: Anything about what goes on during meetings, how to get yourself involved, and what I do. I can answer questions about plants as well!

I am looking forward to: Meeting everyone and forming a new community as well as getting involved with the university.

Fun Facts about me: I got 26 daffodil bulbs from work once. Also a bush.