Our Mission

To ensure the voice and spirit of residence students is continually advocated to the governing bodies at the University of Guelph . We strive to maintain a strong presence on campus by providing meaningful opportunites for development of community, leadership and diversity.

About Us

Interhall Council (IHC) is the voice and spirit of residence life at the University of Guelph. Since 1969, we have enriched the experience of residence students by running events, advocating for the needs of our students, and providing our students with meaningful leadership opportunities. Interhall Council is the Residence Hall Association for the University of Guelph, founded in 1969. With 53 members representing approximately 5,000 residence students, we are the largest Residence Student Government in Ontario.

Starting with over 30 events during Orientation Week, including PEP RALLY (check it out on YouTube), IHC provides engaging involvement opportunities all year long. As future residence students, some events you can anticipate include: our residence-wide dance during O-week.

In addition, our 50+ members help ensure that your voices are heard and your interests are advocated for by regularly collecting your input on various issues being discussed on campus and sharing that input with the University administration, Student Housing and as members of over 20 campus-wide committees such as Hospitality Services Advisory Committee.

We also understand that many of our entering students are looking to develop their leadership abilities in preparation for future careers, and we offer opportunities through participation as Floor Reps (students who represent their communities at their building’s Hall Council), executive positions on each Hall Council for entering residence students, and through multiple on-campus, regional, and international leadership conferences.

We are thrilled for your arrival on campus and in residence in only a few short months and can’t wait to get our experience together underway. See you during Orientation Week and look out for us ROCKING THE SOCKS!

After O-Week, the members of IHC work to represent the residence student body by enhancing the first year experience with events and advocacy. Members run events, conferences, and programs in their halls, as well as sit on committees with affiliates and professional staff. Weekly hall council meetings allow members to address student concerns and create a community within their residence hall.