Artz Haüs (Maids Hall)

Artz Haus



Artz Haüs is a very unique residence that is a part of the Living Learning Centres (LLC). The focus of Artz Haüs is to promote, and freely express creativity! it is an amazing place full of eclectic individuals with great talents! You can find our mascot Bob the Peacock sporting our hall colours, purple, turquoise, and white. With only 50 students we are a close knit community that puts on many events, such as a giant haunted house during halloween, BoHos (a monthly talent show held in our lounge), and other themed programming. Our house has 2 open kitchens, a fireplace lounge, a study room, and an art room ( yes, you can paint on the walls!). Artz Haüs is a residence like no other and provides a distinct and unforgettable living experience!