PDR Form

Petitions, Delegations and Representations

This PDR form is for PDRs that are asking for more than advertising. If you would like to ask IHC solely for advertising in residence, please see the other form under the PDR menu called “Advertising PDR Form”.

PDR Forms are due on Saturdays at noon for meetings on the upcoming Monday.
You will be contacted regarding your attendance for the upcoming Monday provided that the maximum amount of PDRs haven’t been met for that week. In such a case, you will be notified of and added to the agenda for the next available meeting.

The indicated applicant will be contacted with details regarding your PDR Presentation date and location.
Our Board meetings are on Monday evenings at 5:30pm and a representative from your organization will be required to give a short, maximum five (5) minute, presentation as well as answer any questions that the board members may have.