The Executive Board  

The executive board is the governing body of Interhall Council and is in charge of overseeing the hall executives. Each member of the executive board has a unique portfolio that they complete to ensure the organization runs smoothly. They act as a resource for all members of the organization. 


Interhall Council President

Nicole Walker

Year and Program:  4th year Human Kinetics

Past IHC Experience:  Johnston Hall Social Coordinator 2016-2017, Johnston Hall President 2017-2018, Interhall Council Vice President External 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: South (Maritime, Prairie, and Mountain)

Sectional: Presidents

Questions I can answer:  Feel free to come to Me in regards to support, RLS logistics, clarification for non-IHC events, member training and anything regarding advocacy at an external level

I am looking forward to... summer training, Orientation Week, seeing the growth and development of our members as leaders, and striving to improve IHC as an organization.

Fun Facts about me:  

  1. In March, donated 9 inches of my hair at Guelph's Relay for Life event-my second time donating my hair in the last two years!
  2. I am a competitive Beach Volleyball Player, but also enjoy playing Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and soccer.
  3. I have 3 younger sisters, and a twin brother who is 4 minutes older than me.

Vice-President Internal

Katy Oada

Year and Program:  3rd year Human Kinetics

Past IHC Experience:  Lambton Public Relations Officer Fall 2017, Lambton Hall President Winter 2018, Johnston Hall President 2018-2019

Questions I can answer: You can ask me about by laws, constitutions, elections and evaluations!

I am looking forward to... seeing everyone learn and grow in the positions. It is really heartwarming to see young nervous students floourish into confident leaders. I am excited to see how we make IHC our own this year.

Fun Facts about me: My legal name and birthday are different than my actual name and birthday.

Vice-President Finance

Sam Weeks

Year and Program: 2nd year Biomedical Toxicology 

Past IHC Experience: Johnston Hall Social Coordinator 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: South (Maritime, Prairie, and Mountain)

Sectional: Vice Presidents

Questions I can answer:  Anything related to budgets, honorariums, and reimbursements

I am looking forward to... Seeing a new group of student leaders grow into their roles and achieve great things. I am also super excited to see all the cool merch ideas the hall vice presidents come up with during the year.

Fun Fact about me: I am about 5% metal in my right arm

Vice-President Activities

Nicole Delmage

Year and Program:  3rd year Biological Sciences and Ecology

Past IHC Experience: Maritime Public Relations Officer Winter 2018, Maritime President 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: East (East Residence, and East Village)

Sectional: Social Coordinators

Questions I can answer:  Anything about events and student risk management

I am looking forward to... Establishing a community in IHC!

Fun Facts about me: I play 7 instruments, I love camping and hiking and canoeing and kayaking and all thing nature related

Vice-President Communications

Nicole Johnston

Year and Program:  5th year Studio Art

Past IHC Experience: East Village Public Relations Officer 2016-17, East Hall President 2017-19

Hall Buddy for: Central (Johnston, Maids [Artz Haüs], and Mills)

Sectional: Public Relations Officers

Questions I can answer:  Anything related to IHC advertising and advertising in residence including maintaining the website and managing social media.

I am looking forward to...watching a new group of students flourish and discover new things about themselves while building on my skills and finding ways to make advertising more accessible and visible to residence students.

Fun Facts about me: I dig up crystals in Ontario during the summer

Vice-President External

Alexa Colwell

Year and Program:  3rd year English

Past IHC Experience:  Maids Hall (Artx Haüs) President 2018-2019

Hall Buddy for: North (Lennox Addington, Lambton, and Watson)

Sectional: National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) 

Questions I can answer:  Anything about conferences, NRHH, and internal PDR-ing!

I am looking forward to... Meeting everyone and having a boppin year! 

Fun Facts about me:  I’ve travelled to 18 countries