The Executive Board  

The executive board is the governing body of Interhall Council who is in charge of overseeing the hall executives. Each member of the executive board has a unique portfolio that they complete to ensure the organization runs smoothly. They act as a resources for all members of the organization. 


Interhall Council President

Hi my name is Katie McLaren. I am in my 4th year completing an honors degree in Psychology.  It is my fourth year on Interhall Council and I have lived in residence for my entire undergrad, currently I lived in East Village. As Interhall Council President my job is to be the face and voice of IHC across campus. I work with the rest of the executive board to manage the members of Interhall Council. I am a huge Beyoncé fan and in my free time you can catch me cooking up what I found watching Tasty videos.  

Vice-President Internal

Hey there! My name is Jayden Wlasichuk, the Vice President- Internal for Interhall Council in the 2017-18 school year. My job is to manage the constitution and ensure everyone is following our bylaws and policies. I am a third-year student studying Environmental Governance. While it may not be that fun, a fact about me is that I grew up on a beef farm in rural/northern Manitoba, so I really love cows! 

Vice-President Finance

Hi my name Tim Aiello and I am the Vice-president Finance. I handle the organizations money and make sure we stay on budget. I am a 3rd Year Environmental Economics and Policy Major. I will be living in East Village this year. A fun fact about myself is I play in the squash league at Guelph in my spare time. 

Vice-President Activities

Hi my name is Nolan Polkinghorne. I am a 3rd Year Honors International Development B.A candidate and currently serves as the Vice President Activities for Interhall Council. For my job I am in charge of planning and running campus wide events for residence students. I am extremely passionate about campus life and student affairs, and hopes to organize events that best suit the needs of the campus community. Fun fact I am an aspiring author, and hope to have his first novel completed by the end of this school year! 

Vice-President Communications

My name is Edward Willems, and I am the Interhall Council Vice President Communications (VPC)! I spread the organization's brand and visibility, coordinating the organization's advertising and representing Interhall on the Central Student Association (CSA) board. I am in my fourth year of Studio Art. I have a fantastic memory only when it comes to things that make me laugh, which is why I can recite entire episodes of Spongebob Squarepants off by heart. 

Vice-President External

Hi my name is Taylor Edwards and I am the Vice President External for Interhall Council for the 2017-18 school year. My Job on Interhall Council is to plan internal and external conferences for residence students. I am a third year Arts & Science student with minors in Neuroscience, Child Youth & Family and Psychology. A fun fact about myself, is that I was born with a tooth and grew my second one 2 weeks later!