The Executive Board  

The executive board is the governing body of Interhall Council and is in charge of overseeing the hall executives. Each member of the executive board has a unique portfolio that they complete to ensure the organization runs smoothly. They act as a resource for all members of the organization. 


Interhall Council President

Hey there, my name is Jayden Wlasichuk and I am the Interhall Council President. My role as IHC President is to oversee the organization, manage the Executive Board, and represent residence students and IHC to the University. This will be my 4th year on Interhall and in residence - I began way back in 2015 as the Prairie PRO and just haven't left! I am in my fourth year of Environmental Governance and hope to have a career in environmental law or policy. A fun fact about me is that I am from a small beef farm in rural northern Manitoba!

Vice-President Internal

Hey everyone! My name is Vicky Bali, and I am the Vice-President Internal for the 2018-2019 term! My role for this year includes all things constitution and bylaws, whether that be altering them through constitutional review or enforcing them through an evaluation process! It is also my job to support our lovely president in all of her duties. I am going into my third year of Biomedical Toxicology and this also happens to be my third year on IHC. A fun fact about me is that I’m double jointed so hit me up if you want to see me rotate my wrist 360 degrees (it’s cooler than it sounds.)

Vice-President Finance

Austin Ngobia

Vice-President Activities

Hi there, my name is Victoria Gee and I am the Vice-President Activities for Interhall Council. In my role I plan large scale events like a Thanksgiving dinner during the fall semester, a formal dance in the winter semester, and so much more - so keep your eyes out for those! I am currently in my 4th year of Environmental Biology at  the University of Guelph and have been involved with IHC for 3 years. Something neat about me is that I attended an elite science school in my grade 12 year at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and have worked there ever since.

Vice-President Communications

Hello! My name is Margarita Wilson and I am Interhall Council's Vice-President Communications. In my role, I manage IHC's online presence, coordinate promotional materials for events, and represent residence students to the Central Student Association. I am currently in my third year pursuing a B.A. in History; I would love to work in exhibit design and public outreach for museums and science centres after I graduate. Some fun facts about me are that I represented Northern Ontario in the 2011 National Spelling Bee and that I have been to almost every single IKEA in Canada.

Vice-President External

Hey y’all, my name is Nicole Walker and I’m your Vice-President External. As your VP-E, some of my tasks include managing communication with our external affiliates GLACURH and NACURH, organizing and running the delegations we bring to their conferences, running two internal conferences on campus (FLC and WLC), overseeing NRHH, and overseeing JAM as their Hall Buddy. I’m in my 3rd year of Human Kinetics and this is also my third year on Interhall Council ─ I started as the Johnston Hall Social Coordinator in 2016 and was the Johnston Hall President in 2017! After I graduate, I hope to continue studying athletic therapy and one day work with professional sports teams. A fun fact about me is that over the summer I went to my first concert ever (Imagine Dragons) with my best friend and IHC Chair, Andrew.