Hospitality Services Advisory Committee (HSAC): this committee meets on a regular basis to address student concerns with Hospitality Services provided, including food, service, and the University Bookstore. Each residence hall has a minimum of one representative to voice the concerns of their students.

Residence Advisory Board (RAB): chaired by the IHC President, this committee meets to address student concerns with the physical conditions of residence. Topics covered often include: Wi-Fi, water and plumbing, and indoor temperature. In the past, IHC representation on this committee resulted in the installation of Stop Signs on East Ring Road to ensure student safety.

Mental Health Advisory Committee: a member of IHC represents residence students on this committee by attending meetings with the goal of enhancing and maintaining a learning environment on mental health and wellness by evaluating current mental health programming on campus.

Sexual Violence Education and Awareness: this committee meets to talk about and plan programming for the entire student body at Guelph with the goal of educating students on sexual violence. Residence specific programming occurs throughout the year, such as the "Can I Kiss You?" Presentation during Orientation Week.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH): this committee consists of the NRHH President and Vice-President for the Guelph chapter. There is one member from every hall that attends meetings once a month to determine which recognition form will win the 'Of the Month' award.